February 16th, 2023


Santos Whistleblower Says Company Covering up extent of 25,000l oil spill that killed dolphins

A statement by an anonymous whistleblower, tabled in federal parliament by the independent senator David Pocock, described witnessing a 25,000L spill of condensate – a light form of oil – near the Lowendal Islands in March last year.


The statement said dead dolphins, including a pup, were found “floating in dense sections of the oil spill” caused by a tear in a subsea hose that was connected to an oil tanker being loaded from Santos’ Varanus Island gas plant. Pocock also tabled photos showing oil in the water and dolphins floating belly-up in the sea with a tanker in the background.


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Darrell Lee Clark and Cain Joshua Storey will spend their first Christmas in 25 years as free men after journalists in the Proof podcast uncovered manufactured evidence to convict the pair of murder.

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