Meet my new friend,
June Bellamy

South African Whistleblower  


If you would like to follow June and her story, maybe even help her out with a few coinage!! please click any of the social media icons to take you to her pages. I know she would love to hear some kind words of support too!

This whistle-sister is a ONE WOMAN machine after my own heart! You don’t have to go far to experience wildlife with heroes like June

SHE PERSISTS….and inspires others, on so many days where she isn’t even sure where her next meal will come from, and can’t get any sleep from the gunfire right outside in her neighborhood. June keeps on fighting. Speaking up, with a loving, giving heart, she still fights.


And  THAT, is what being a whistleblower means.

An undying  drive and desire, even when you feel alone, and you aren’t sure you have anything else to give. Despite attacks from strangers and even people and co-workers you once thought were your friends. To endure …….for the sole purpose of making just one other life better.

June’s Own Words…

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