The Department of Children and Families  (aka CPS-Child Protective Services) was initially set up to be a resource, guide and protector for children who were at risk for abuse or neglect …..AND their families.

What would you think if you found out in most states, that there is a 20 to 1 ratio of calls/reports to one “real” case needing intervention? Or that these agencies aren’t actually a government department. They are contractors that bill governments/localities/counties for their service…..and they get paid by the number of children/families they serve…especially the longer that family “needs services”. More ‘interventions’=more fed dollars coming in.

According to the National Center for Abused and Neglected Children in Washington D.C. Children are 7 times more likely to be harmed in foster/adoption care than they ever would have been with their own families.

This system has no checks and balances. In this dysfunctional system, there is no proof or evidence required, and the mood,  education and training of intake workers, all play a part in many families being ripped apart, and denied justice and due process. Unfortunately, many of these families are lower income or single parents who have little recourse to fight the corrupt practices of the agency.

The motivation for the county? You guessed it. MONEY. Each child that is “legally kidnapped” into the system equals a paycheck for multiple lawyers, workers, judges and foster parents. Not only that, but it also secures the Federal cash to keep coming in to that “underserved” area. 

The Civil Rights of too many “good” parents are stripped for no other reason than to make the county able to receive more Fed money. 

Join the fight to abolish this corrupt system, and put it back in the hands of those trained to deal with criminal abuse, and neglect… enforcement. 

how would you react if CPS called or showed up at your door today?

Richard Hansen is a spot actor, realtor, radio host with a previous education in basic law and paralegal status. He bravely reached out to share his horrifying experience that took several years and so much damage in his life. is the everyday dad of a beautiful little daughter. 

Join us as he bravely  shares his nightmare story and we discuss some of the realities of this agency that is not regulated and has been allowed to run with no oversight and no accountability for far too long and what you can do in your area to help other parents who may be targeted unjustly.