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The legal process isn’t easy for a whistleblower, especially when you’ve already been retaliated against and you feel like you’re holding the world on your shoulders.

We understand how lonely that feels.

We understand the constant worry about your case or how you will be able to pay your bills.

Contact us for real coping tools, coaching  and support in planning for the future and the next phase. We’re connected to a network of resources , support, and information.  

Please reach out to us by email (or this link),  if you want information coaching services to support you through the long legal process and help you prepare for the future.  Get your questions answered, and more information/resources.


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Implementing an Anti-Retaliation Program

Click on the link above for OSHA’s Recommended Practices in creating an Anti-Retaliation Program for your workplace.

Click the link below to Learn Everything you (non-attorney) needs to know about the Legal Process (written by an Attorney) so you can understand each step, minimize anxiety, and to be able to go on with your life during the process.

Whistleblower Attorney Directory

If you think you may have a whistleblower situation/case, please contact Heidi, or any of these whistleblower attorneys in your state/local area. They would be happy to evaluate your situation to see if you have a case, confidentially, free & without commitment.

Hover or click on a marker to see name, firm and website links.

**This list includes friends, supporters and sponsors of the podcast.

The following are Partner Organizations that provide info, education, and support to whistleblowers.  Please click any of the icons to visit each organization's website for more information.

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