The Unstoppable (NoStop) Heidi Weber

Meet the Host, Educator, Healthcare Provider, Author and Justice Advocate

    Heidi Weber

    (NoStop) Heidi Weber is a [US Higher Ed] Dean, Whistleblower, Educator, Medical Assistant and (Social) Justice Support Advocate who speaks to advocate and educate on whistleblower support, personal ethics, interpersonal communication, and how to still persevere through difficult times. Heidi and her landmark whistleblower case and trial against Globe University, (For-Profit Globe Education Network) was featured as the season one finale of CBS Whistleblower with Alex Ferrer. 5-6 Million viewers tuned in, and Executive Producers hired her as an Associate Producer/Story Consultant for season 2. She has been a guest on several networks, news, and podcasts, and is currently working on an online training course for Justice (and Victim) Support Advocacy & writing a book about the almost unbelievable events and why she keeps going. Heidi has been invited and spoke in the halls of US Congress on behalf of students, and routinely speaks for groups from varied industries on what it really means to be loyal, how to channel strength, and find your inner activist. She also hosts the Whistleblower Revolution Podcast, available everywhere you listen to podcasts. Listen in, as real whistleblowers (and other special anti corruption attorneys and guests who have or are facing jaw dropping challenges,) discuss current events, cases, experiences, and share their own shocking stories, and strategies of not only coping, but using what they have learned to fuel making a difference, changing history and exposing corruption and retaliation. Join US because this Revolution is definitely #NoTeaParty

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